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How to Choose a Printer That Best Fits your Business Needs


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One of the indispensable equipment found in offices and businesses are printers. In the fast-paced business world of UAE, a company’s ability to print clear hard copies of important documents, reports or presentations is an essential part of its success.

You may find a wide variety of printing machines available in the market but you have to make sure to buy the one that can add value to your official documents. So, considering the Xerox Abu Dhabi products for printing solutions can be the best options as far as quality is concerned.

But with such a variety to choose from, how does one find the best printer for the office or business?

How to Choose a Printer That Best Fits your Business Needs

Things to Keep in Mind While buying a business printer

In order to find the most compatible and reliable printer for your business requirements, you must keep a few essential points in mind. Here is given the technical advice for buying a printer!

Evaluate Printing Needs

Every company has different requirements for printing. Before investing in a Xerox product, one needs to analyze the needs of their office and should be able to answer questions such as:

  • What is the estimated budget?
  • Is a printer required to print graphics, text or both?
  • Is there a need for color printing or simple black and white?
  • Is there a need to write a large or small volume of documents?
  • Quality or quantity – which is the priority?

Once all these questions are answered, the next step is to analyze the technical aspects of a printer.

Types of Printers

Various types of printers are available in the market such as dot-matrix printers, inkjet printers and laser printers. Each of these printers has different features and quality depending on the various printing needs.

For quality graphics and images with sharp colors, laser printers are an ideal choice. On the other hand, inkjet printers and the dot matrix printers are an appropriate choice for text documents. The latter can print documents in large volumes without compromising on quality.

There are also ‘All-in-One’ or multifunction printers that can scan, fax and print as well. These are popular among different offices due to their affordable prices are tailored to the needs of all offices.

Printer Resolution

The quality of a printer depends on its resolution. A dot per inch or (dpi) determines the resolution quality of a printer. Different printers have different dpi resolution.

Monochrome laser printers usually have a resolution that ranges from 600 by 600 dpi to 1200 by 1200 dpi, which is fairly decent in terms of quality. A color printer has a slight color resolution range of 1200 by 600 dpi to 2400 by 1200 dpi.

However, if one’s business requires ultra-bright and clear documents of graphics and text, then they look for high-end laser printers that give the best resolution quality of 2400 by 2400 dpi.

Printing Speed

Speed is an essential aspect of a printer. Many businesses require printers that can print a large volume of crucial documents quickly without comprising in quality. Speed of a printer is determined by the number of pages printed per minute (ppm).

Inkjet printers have three stages of quality: project set, reasonable and best. An affordable inkjet printer has a speed of 20 ppm for colored documents and 28 ppm for black and white.

Laser and other types of printers usually have a speed of 12 ppm for graphic documents and 6–20 ppm for text files.

Compare Prices

Calculating the gross expenditure before purchasing a printer is necessary. One has to compare prices between the different types of printers based on models and features. Besides the cost of the printer, there are also packing and shipping expenditure that needs to be considered. Reading up reviews and articles about the different printing helps in deciding which product to buy.


Once all aspects are considered, look to buy from only the most reliable and credible printing distributors such as Xerox Abu Dhabi to make sure that the product is of genuine high-quality. A good printing solution could go a long into helping one’s business manage its documents properly.

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